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Pentagon Prepares For Wars After Counterterrorism

Marcus Weisgerber : “Here at the National Training Center – a sprawling and rugged military complex about the size of Rhode Island, positioned about halfway between Los Angeles and Las Vegas – the Army is preparing for what it calls a hybrid war: a battle against a mix of traditional military and militant fighters. Examples might include the type of war Russia has waged in Eastern Ukraine and the one Iran is supporting in Yemen.”  

“The Army hasn’t forced its way into a country since it invaded Iraq in 2003, but its generals want aggressive world leaders to know that U.S. soldiers can still fight the big war… The goal of the exercise is to show that the Army could deploy anywhere in the world on short notice…Organizers say the exercise is not specifically geared toward Russia, China, Iran or North Korea, but it does incorporate scenarios the military could face fighting in all of those countries.”