Air Force Hopes Supercomputer Can Simplify Acquisition Process

Posted August 22, 2015 at 5:00am

The Air Force “is hoping to develop a supercomputer, a ‘cognitive thinking machine,’ that can analyze vast quantities of data, track cost and benefits, and easily navigate the library of U.S. government codes and regulations, all in an effort to improve the acquisitions process,” according to Air Force Times .  

“The Air Force hopes the new system will be an advanced tool, making it easier for businesses to understand the requirements of a contract and to get any of their questions answered immediately by the computer system… Applied Research in Acoustics, in Washington, D.C., and KalScott Engineering, in Lawrence, Kansas, won the initial contract in July to build a ‘natural language query system … to provide users insights into defense contracting statutes, regulations, practices, and policies.'”