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Officials Release Latest Guantanamo Recidivism Numbers

“The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) on Thursday released its latest report on so-called Guantanamo recidivists — detainees who the intelligence community claims are confirmed of re-engaging in terrorist activity after being released from the detention facility,” reports VICE News . “According to ODNI’s latest report, of the 653 detainees that have been transferred by both the Bush and Obama administrations, 117 of the former captives have reengaged in terrorism.”  

“The report says that as of July 15 the Obama administration had transferred 121 detainees since he was sworn into office in 2009; six of the 121 have been confirmed of re-engaging in terrorism, a number that has not changed since ODNI released its last report in March. However, four additional former detainees released by the Bush administration were killed since the release of the last recidivism report, bringing the total to 29.”  

“There was also an increase in the number of detainees suspected of re-engaging in terrorism. ODNI’s report says that six former detainees released by the Obama administration were added to the list of possible recidivists, five of them since the agency released its last report. An additional five detainees released during George W. Bush’s presidency were added to the list of suspected recidivists. Six detainees released by the Bush administration who were suspected of reengagement were captured since the last report. “

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