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Obama Achieves Iran Deal Milestone With House Republicans in Disarray

The Hill reports that “President Obama cleared a significant political hurdle Tuesday when several undecided Democrats came out in favor of the Iran nuclear deal, giving him enough votes to block a Senate resolution of disapproval.”  

“Three of the five remaining swing votes, Sens. Richard Blumenthal (Conn.), Gary Peters (Mich.) and Ron Wyden (Ore.), announced their support for the accord in a flurry of near-simultaneous press releases on Tuesday morning, increasing the number of pro-deal Democrats to 41… Obama had already secured enough votes to sustain a veto of the resolution, but Tuesday’s developments gave him an important political victory.”  

Politico : “Never mind that there is not one Congressional Republican who supports the accord. Never mind that the disapproval vote would’ve seen more than a dozen Democrats buck a president of their own party. House Republicans are now resisting Boehner’s attempt to bring the bill to the floor, because they believe Obama has not disclosed to Congress what they call ‘side deals’ between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency.”  

“They are moving toward voting on a measure asserting Obama did not submit all elements of the agreement with Iran… Second, Republicans are working on a bill to try to prevent Obama from lifting sanctions against Iran. Third, the House would vote on a resolution to approve of the Iran pact. The original plan was to vote on a disapproval resolution.”

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