Navy, Marines to Open All Jobs to Women

Posted September 18, 2015 at 5:20am

“Ray Mabus has made up his mind: there’s no job in the Navy or Marine Corps that’s going to be off-limits to women,” Defense One reports.  

“With more than a month to go before the deadline, the Navy Secretary made it clear on Monday: he will not be requesting any exceptions to the Pentagon edict that all U.S. military jobs be opened to women… Mabus spoke just a few days after publicly criticizing a Marine Corps study that compared the performance of ground combat units with female members to all-male teams — and found the women lacking.”  

“Mabus emphasized that only qualified people — including women — should be allowed to do a particular job. ‘Our notion is set standards, make sure those standards have something to do with the job, and then, if you meet it, you meet it.'”