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CIA Undergoes Major Reorganization

“The CIA unveiled a radically altered org chart on Thursday,” according to The Washington Post , “formally unveiling the first new directorate in 50 years, completing a sweeping realignment of its ranks of spies and analysts, and unleashing an avalanche of new acronyms.”  

“Perhaps the most ambitious addition is the Directorate of Digital Innovation, which is responsible for helping the CIA adapt to evolving technologies and is the first new directorate at the agency since 1963. The unit is led by a career analyst, Andrew Hallman, who previously served as a briefer to President George W. Bush… The CIA also identified 10 new ‘mission centers,’ which will combine analysts and operators in hybrid units focused on specific parts of the world or security threats. Most track longstanding CIA alignments, with centers devoted to weapons proliferation, for example, and the Near East. The centers are largely modeled on what for years had been known as the CTC, the counter-terrorism unit that mushroomed in size after the Sept. 11 attacks and became a paramilitary entity with its own fleet of armed drones.”  

“The proliferation of such clunky acronyms, and the agency’s expenditures on management consultants during the reorganization, have drawn fire from CIA veterans otherwise supportive of the changes. One bridled at the jargon employed in Thursday’s announcement, with references to the agency’s ‘Modernization journey’ and ‘cycles of digital innovation.'”

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