Clinton: Trump’s Foreign Policy Would be ‘Disastrous’

Democratic front-runner blasts rival's 'reckless, shoot-from-the-hip' approach

Posted May 16, 2016 at 6:03pm

Hillary Clinton blasted her likely general election foe on Monday, saying Donald Trump’s comments about some of America’s closest allies show his foreign policy would be “disastrous.”  

The Democratic front-runner was responding to comments Trump made on British television that appeared to fly in the face of the long-established “special relationship ” between the U.K. and the United States.  

“It looks like we’re not going to have a very good relationship,” Trump told Piers Morgan in an interview aired on ITV Monday.  

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The Republican standard-bearer made the remarks after U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron and London Mayor Sadiq Khan — the city’s first Muslim mayor — refused to back down from criticism of Trump’s call for a temporary ban on Muslims entering the U.S.  

Clinton used Trump’s latest blast about a foreign leader to take a swipe at the man she almost certainly will face in the general election.  

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“Nobody is better at proving that Donald Trump’s foreign policy would be disastrous than Donald Trump himself,” Clinton said in a statement.  

“Trump continues to demonstrate that his reckless, shoot-from-the-hip approach to foreign policy would make the country and the world far less safe,” Clinton said. “He casts aside our most important allies when their leaders criticize his dangerous proposals, and heaps praise on our adversaries if they say a kind word about him.”  

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