Trump Game is Yuge on App Store

Game features phrases from the campaign as player builds wall around Trump White House

Posted May 19, 2016 at 7:57am

The premise of the game is that President Trump is complaining about birds trashing his White House, which has his name in giant gold letters, so the player needs to help build a wall around it.  

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Throughout the game, simply called “Trump’s Wall,” players have to build the wall and no bricks can fall off the foundation, or else Trump, who is standing on the crane, says “You’re fired.”  

All the while, Trump makes statements that people are familiar with, such as “It’s gonna be yuge,” “I am using my own money” and “It’s lyin’ Ted.” The bricks themselves occasionally have humorous references to the campaign, with a soaked brick saying “Rubio’s sweat.”  

As of Thursday, the game was No. 15 on Apple’s App Store’s free app list, just behind Pandora and Uber and right ahead of Pinterest.   

The game’s introduction says it was made through Gnarcade, which creates other mobile app games, and the BLU Market, a software company.   

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