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Pikachu’s in the House

Pokemon Go is taking Capitol Hill by storm

A Magikarp on the senate subway platform (Alex Gangitano/ CQ Roll Call)
A Magikarp on the senate subway platform (Alex Gangitano/ CQ Roll Call)

Why are people on that tour looking for the Doduo in the Capitol Rotunda? Is that Nidorina next to John McCain on the Senate subway platform?  

Gremlins? Mirages? you ask. Too many late nights on FAA reauthorization? Was it that extra “MilkyWay” at Cups?  

No, it’s Pokemon Go . That Nintendo phenomenon from the 90s is back as a hand-held virtual force, and now we really know why nothing’s getting done on the Hill.  

Every congressional office has that one staffer (many times multiple) who walks around with a phone over his or her face. So is it an email from the boss or a Paras on the first floor of Rayburn?  

When HOH took to the Capitol halls to find and catch the cartoon critters, several interns and staffers were spotted trying to throw the Pokemon ball at the Bulbasaur off the Senate floor.  

California Democratic Rep. Judy Chu admitted she also plays, while making it political. She tweeted on Monday, “Anyone else on #PokemonGO? I’ve found a #Squirtle & a #Pikachu in DC, but I’m still looking for a Republican willing to vote on #NoFlyNoBuy.”  


A Tauros in the rotunda. (Alex Gangitano/ CQ Roll Call)    

The first floor of the Capitol, on both the House and Senate sides, and the grassy area outside are heavily populated. But, the connection isn’t perfect.   

The worst connection though seems to be in the tunnels of Capitol basement.   

The National Park Service also reported on Facebook on Monday: “Charmanders and Jigglypuffs roaming around the grounds of the Washington Monument raising a general ruckus.”  

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