Who is Controlling Trump’s Twitter?

President-elect's account appears to be in transition

Posted November 11, 2016 at 11:39am

President-elect Donald Trump’s Twitter feed has been known to demean others while praising himself.

But in his first few days as tweeter in chief, he seems to be in transition. Or in contradiction.

After his meeting with President Barack Obama on Thursday, the president-elect tweeted that he had a “fantastic day” meeting with the outgoing president, which sounded like a standard political tweet.

But minutes later, Trump blasted the “professional protesters” who were demonstrating against his election in cities across the country, and accused the media of inciting them. 

Trump’s comments about a “very open and successful presidential election” partially flew in the face of his decrying of the electoral system as “rigged” in the final weeks before Nov. 8. 

But by early Friday morning, Trump sent a tweet saying people should come together.

There were reports that Trump had lost his tweeting privileges as the campaign came down the stretch. But it appears the battle over the tone of his tweets goes on.