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There's a book for those who want Floor Charts all the time. (Courtesy of Floor Charts on Twitter)
There's a book for those who want Floor Charts all the time. (Courtesy of Floor Charts on Twitter)

The man who brought us the Floor Charts catalog has created a hard-copy compilation of the best visual aids in Congress.

The Must-Have Guide to Charts, Props and Posters in Congress” by William Gray includes a select few floor charts out of the hundreds Gray has collected over the years.

“I made this book for political junkies,” Gray said.

It’s for Republicans, Democrats, staffers, students, C-SPAN addicts and everyone in between, he added.

Gray has been wanting to write a book for years but President Donald Trump’s arrival in Washington in 2017 gave him the extra push.

“Every day Congress is in session almost feels like a game – who is going to show up, and what will they bring to the floor? Then, President Trump turned Washington’s obsession with made-for-TV moments up to 11 and I had to take advantage of this moment when there are arguably more eyeballs on Washington than any other time since I started this project,” he said.

While there are dozens of floor charts that make it to the House and Senate chambers every day of session, selecting which made it into the book was the challenge.

“I figured the best way to introduce my pet project to the masses would be to chronicle them in a way that is relatable, covering both the expected and unexpected themes — like debt and dragons, health care, immigration, etc.,” Gray said.

He has been collecting floor charts since November 2012 and, according to the book’s Kickstarter page, Gray has the only archive dedicated to cataloging floor charts.

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