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NRCC Continues to Outraise, Outspend Democrats

The National Republican Congressional Committee outraised its Democratic counterpart roughly 4-to-1 last month, according to reports filed with the Federal Election Commission late last week.

The NRCC brought in $6 million from July 1 to July 31, compared to $1.5 million by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. House Republicans continued their torrid spending as well, expending $5.1 million during the month; they have spent roughly $47 million so far in 2003. The DCCC spent $2.7 million in July and has doled out nearly $12 million for the year.

The NRCC ended the month with $7.4 million while the DCCC banked $5.2 million. The Democratic committee had $2.1 million in arrears.

On the Senate side, there was less disparity between the parties; the National Republican Senatorial Committee raised approximately $2 million to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee’s $1.5 million. The NRSC had $5.3 million on hand; the DSCC carried $2.4 million but had $3.5 million in leftover debt from the 2001-02 cycle.

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