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Party Poopers

Not everyone is psyched to see the goddaughter of Frank Sinatra singing her heart out with the Black Eyed Peas tonight at the highly buzzable Rock the Vote party.

It’s really nothing against soul singer Nikka Costa, though. It’s just that, to some, she’s singing for the wrong team!

Some fiscally conservative detractors are so teed off with Rock the Vote that they’re planning a “protest of hypocrisy” outside the National Building Museum, where the rock ‘n roll Rock the Vote party will be held.

The Americans for Prosperity Foundation, one of the many groups staking a claim in the Social Security debate, won’t say how many protesters they hope to attract. But the group’s spokesman, Ed Frank, said the planned protest “has been widely publicized within the conservative movement” and, therefore, should be quite large.

Frank said he and the others are protesting Rock the Vote’s “completely hypocritical” actions in claiming to be nonpartisan, even as it campaigns aggressively against President Bush’s Social Security plan.

“We just think it’s hypocritical of them to say they’re nonpartisan and nonideological but then aggressively oppose personal retirement accounts,” Frank said. He added, “I hope they have a good time tonight, because without reform, they’re not going to be partying when it’s time to retire.”

Hans Riemer, head of Rock the Vote, welcomes the protest but says he’s glad they’ll be staying outside.

“We’re delighted they’re coming. But only the cool kids are getting inside,” Riemer joked, adding, “We thought about offering them free tickets to the after-party at Dream, but figured they’d be afraid to leave the Hill.”

Riemer also had a good laugh when he saw the box of T-shirts that the foundation delivered to Rock the Vote’s headquarters last week.

The T-shirts, a spoof on Rock the Vote’s “I [heart] Social Security” tees, say: “I [heart] Hypocrisy.”

But Riemer used the occasion to turn the tables.

“Our t-shirts are UNION MADE IN THE U.S.A. Supporting the American way of life,” Riemer wrote on his blog. “Their shirts are MADE IN EL SALVADOR. Probably in a sweatshop.”

A Female Terminator? Eccentric Democratic consultant John Edgell is seeking a female Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonator to put flesh on his outrageous “Governor Girlie Man” creation, which began as a bobblehead doll and evolved into the satirical Web site

Edgell posted an ad on seeking a woman with an “ability to sing and willingness to talk dirty” to impersonate California’s Republican governor.

“Ideal candidate is a woman with an on-air radio or TV background (or a non-professional with a pleasant-sounding, professional voice who others said always belonged in radio or TV.) Think Lauren Bacall or Debra Winger, and that’s the ultimate lusty-sounding Arnold. We also have a thing for Jamie Lee Curtis (including her voice) types,” Edgell wrote in his ad.

The female impersonator will complete the “Governor Girlie Man” character by recording about 50 sound bytes on the Web site lampooning what Edgell calls Schwarzenegger’s “most profane and offensive past interview comments, statements or writings.”

The bobblehead doll, which features the governor wearing a pink dress, pumps, makeup and lipstick, is a spoof on Schwarzenegger’s comment that state lawmakers who disagreed with his budget proposals are “girlie men.”

There’s a history between the two: Schwarzenegger sued Edgell last year to stop a more toned-down bobblehead, and Edgell retaliated by adding the feminine features to a new edition of the toy.

“Good thing he failed, quit, and won’t try again — because not only is he a sissy, but there’s a little thing called the First Amendment free speech privilege, which includes satire,” Edgell wrote in his ad.

Still, Edgell is being careful not to use a man’s voice to make the recordings on his Web site.

“Using a man’s voice would be an invitation for Arnold’s $400-an-hour Beverly Hills trial lawyer to sue again — this time legitimately — for using Arnold’s statements made as a private citizen … without permission,” Edgell wrote. “Sorry guys — we’re brave, not stupid.”

The California governor’s office declined comment on the litany of insults from Edgell.

Beware the Beating Texas Sun. That nice suntan may have caught up to House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, who had a “follow-up procedure” of some sort to remove a skin growth on his face. You may have noticed that the Texas Republican has a Band-Aid on his face.

Spokesman Dan Allen provided very little information other than to say DeLay had a subsequent procedure to one he had earlier in the year. Allen said whatever the doctors found was “benign” and that DeLay “doesn’t seem worried.”

Jared Allen contributed to this report.

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