Number Of New Yorkers Who Think Spitzer Should Resign Increases

Posted March 11, 2008 at 3:26pm

A SurveyUSA poll says 67 percent of New Yorkers believe Gov. Eliot Spitzer should resign in the wake of stories that he had been involved with a prostitution ring. The survey of 900 adults was conducted today. Yesterday, when the news first broke, 58 percent said he should resign although it was not clear how many of them held that opinion because they thought he was doing a bad job (SurveyUSA had his approval rating plummeting from 62 percent i n January to 35 percent in February) or because they had heard about the story. Today the pollster posed its question the same way: “Based on what you know, should Eliot Spitzer remain in office? Or resign from office?” Republicans said “resign” by a 74 percent to 20 percent margin, Democrats by a 64 percent to 30 percent margin and Independents by a 72 percent to 23 percent margin.