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HOH’s One-Minute Recess: RNC’s Online Gaming

The Republican National Committee’s redesigned Web site is proving to be an endless source of amusement. [IMGCAP(1)]On Wednesday, RNC Chairman Michael Steele switched the name of his blog on the face-lifted from “What Up?— to the more sedate “Changing the Game.— But that’s not the end of the fun, kids. Democratic staffers have been cracking up over another Web site that allows users to “borrow— one of’s funniest features — a tiny image of Steele walking across the page — and place it on any other Web site.“It’s the best when you put it on a Democratic site,— laughed one lib. HOH agrees.And the RNC’s site also has prompted an unlikely comparison. The red banner on the main page with an arc of yellow stars “kind of looks like the Chinese flag,— one visitor noted. Yes, that’s the People’s Republic of China, the socialist republic country that’s one of the GOP’s favorite rhetorical punching bags. An RNC spokesman didn’t return HOH’s calls. Senators: They’re Just Like Us! Forget a town car or even taxi cab — Sen. Jeff Merkley braved the cold, crowded and very damp public transit system this morning alongside thousands of D.C. commuters.An HOH spy eyed the Oregon Democrat at about 7:45 a.m. Thursday getting off the Metro at Union Station. He blended in pretty well, wearing a gray suit (but no tie) and carrying a briefcase. Another HOH spy eyed actress Michelle Yeoh stopping by the Senate press gallery Thursday morning. Yeoh, perhaps best known for her appearance in the film “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,— took time to greet some reporters, HOH hears.Submit your hot tips, juicy gossip or comments here.Can’t get enough HOH? Get a midday dose of fun and gossip with HOH’s One-Minute Recess, delivered to your inbox daily. Sign up here — because everyone deserves more recess.