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House Republicans to Participate in Saturday Tea Party on Health Care

Several House Republicans on Friday called on tea party activists and supporters to join them at the Capitol on Saturday for a third protest of the Democratic health care reform bill and the Obama administration’s agenda.On Thursday, GOP leaders pledged to thousands of people who gathered on the West Front that House Republicans would work hard to help bring down the House Democratic health care bill. Reps. Steve King (R-Iowa), Pete Hoekstra (R-Mich.), Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) and John Shadegg (R-Ariz.) have confirmed with King’s office that they will attend the protest. The House is slated to vote on its health care measure as early as Saturday evening.Matt Lahr, a spokesman for King, said they expect more Members to join them at the event scheduled for 1 p.m. on the east side of the Capitol. “We can kill this bill and stop the government takeover of health care. We need the help of every American willing to stand up for freedom and liberty,— King said in a statement. “I urge all Americans who oppose this bill to come to Washington tomorrow morning and join us to stop this bill.—“The American people deserve to see exactly how massive the government take-over of health care is,— Hoekstra said in a statement. “I encourage anyone and everyone to participate to view for themselves … the extraordinary length of the bill.—In September, tens of thousands of protesters descended on the Capitol to rally against the Obama administration and the Democratic agenda.

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