HOH’s One-Minute Recess: It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

Posted December 1, 2009 at 11:06am

The holidays have officially arrived on Capitol Hill: Not only is the Capitol Christmas Tree being decorated on the West Front, Rep. Loretta Sanchez revealed her annual holiday card today — and it has a “Dancing with the Stars— theme.[IMGCAP(1)]Sanchez’s infamous greeting card traditionally features the California Democrat and her beloved pet, Gretzky the Cat, posing in a lighthearted, holiday-themed setting. This year’s installment doesn’t disappoint, depicting the Congresswoman ballroom dancing in a sparkly silver dress, a la the star-studded reality competition. Gretzky sits at the judge’s table, giving Sanchez a score of “10— and saying, “Tom DeLay, eat your heart out!—“Whether it’s with the stars or under festive lights, may your heart dance with joy this holiday season,— the card reads.Rather than printing her card this year, Sanchez is going green, sending recipients the card electronically. The money normally spent on printing and mailing the cards will be given to nonprofits in Orange County, Calif., through a “competitive application process,— Sanchez writes in an e-mail to campaign supporters.Meanwhile, workers are diligently trimming the Capitol Christmas Tree for its official lighting on Dec. 8. In past years, Senate workers installed a Web cam, similar to the National Zoo’s “Panda Cam,— that follows the decorating process. Unfortunately for tree-obsessed Hillites, it doesn’t look like there’s such a camera this year. But there is an entire Web site dedicated to the tree, created by the Arizona officials responsible for bringing the tree to Washington.And there is plenty of footage of the tree on YouTube, from its harvesting in Arizona to the tree’s stop in Amarillo, Texas, during its journey to Washington.Submit your hot tips, juicy gossip or comments here.Can’t get enough HOH? Get a midday dose of fun and gossip with HOH’s One-Minute Recess, delivered to your inbox daily. Sign up here — because everyone deserves more recess.