Heard on the Hill: Pardon the Pundit? Don’t Make Me Laugh

Posted October 2, 2011 at 8:57pm

Is your Twitter feed a fount of HI-larious political commentary? Can you spin banal legislative banter into comedy gold?

If you answered yes to either of those questions, or were too busy to do so because you were sharpening your Rick Perry barbs, you might have a shot at joining the still-coalescing Pardon the Pundit crew.

The nascent comedy troupe is so new, in fact, that it doesn’t have any actual members — yet. Greg Godbout, co-founder of the Arlington Cinema ’n’ Drafthouse and PTP benefactor, expects to fill those ranks — he hopes to whittle down the current pool of contestants to a cast of 10 solid performers — by hosting a monthlong comedy contest kicking off Wednesday.

The contest will be filmed from start to finish for inclusion in a “Best of” special that Godbout plans to ship to Comedy Central next spring.

Godbout said he likes what he’s seen in the preliminary rounds, but he noted that he’s still on the lookout.

“We left a number of spots open with the idea that people might trickle in,” he said.