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Checking in With Camp Freddy in Charlotte

HOH checked in Saturday morning with Billy Morrison, guitarist for the rock supergroup Camp Freddy. The band played the Republican National Convention last week and will kick off the Democratic National Convention on Monday night.

The sort-of-jam band features guitarist Billy Morrison (Billy Idol and the Cult), lead guitarist Dave Navarro (Jane’s Addiction and the Red Hot Chili Peppers), drummer Matt Sorum (Guns ‘n Roses and Velvet Revolver), lead singer Dovovan Leitch (actor) with Chris Chaney (Jane’s Addiction) slapping the bass. Hallmarks of a Camp Freddy show: There are at least three band members at any given time and there will be several surprise guests.

When the Los Angeles-based band went on stage in Tampa, Fla., they were joined on stage by guitarist Frankie Perez (Slash’s post-GNR band), Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath (also the co-host of Extra), indie actress superstar Juliet Lewis (“She also happens to have a great voice,” Morrison says), Billy Idol’s lead guitarist (and hit songwriter) Steve Stevens and, finally, Robin Zander, Cheap Trick’s lead singer.

The group kills the rock ‘n’ roll cover. And, seriously, you haven’t lived until you’ve heard Zander belt out “Surrender.” Zander closed the Tampa set with a bad-ass cover of the Who’s “My Generation.”

Unfortunately, we can’t tell you the Charlotte set list or who the special guests might be.

“All I can tell you is some of the guests that appearing Charlotte also appeared in Tampa,” Morrison says. “Some will be new.”

Music moves you regardless of whether you’re political, Morrison says. And no matter which side of the aisle you’re on.

“Look, I think the crowds are going to be the same,” he continues. “The people that came to [the Tampa] gig — they were all 14 once. [The classic tracks] will always stir something within them. … They are the same people that need to let their hair down.”

He predicts it will be the same in Charlotte.

“We’re bipartisan. We’re apolitical. This [gig] is only raising awareness to vote,” Morrison says.

So, does Morrison actually rock the vote?

The Englishman and American resident says he doesn’t vote because he can’t.

Camp Freddy is playing at the Spirits of Charlotte DNC Kickoff Party on Monday night at the North Carolina Music Factory.