Mark Sanford Switching From Fox News to Government Payroll

Posted May 9, 2013 at 2:46pm

Rep.-elect Mark Sanford, R-S.C., will soon start to be paid by the U.S. government, rather than his former employer, Fox News. View Sanford personal financial disclosure report.

Sanford reported he earned $130,000 from Fox News in 2012. He also received $38,763 in 2012 from director’s fees at Coastal Forest Resources and $22,639 in 2012 from director’s fees at Lending Tree.

Sanford listed $3,050,004 to $15,100,000 in four farms; $250,001 to $500,000 in Brick 21 LLC; $500,001 to $1 million in Blue Creek Capital; $250,001 to $500,000 in Blind John LLC, and $100,001 to $250,000 in Kings Plaza LLC.

He reported having no liabilities, debts, loans or other agreements.