New Reports Show the Wealth in Congress

Posted June 14, 2013 at 9:50am

After a healthy year for investments in the stock market, the personal financial reports of members of Congress are expected to show solid improvements in the wealth of members. Personal financial wealth reports of U.S. representatives were made public this morning, providing the public with a general view of the assets and income of their elected representatives. 

The reports show investments, outside income, and other assets of the family, including any spouse or dependent children. The dollar amounts are listed in broad ranges. 

The public reports are required of top officials in the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government. They were to be filed on May 15. The Clerk of the House released to the public this morning the reports filed by U.S. representatives. About four dozen members were granted extensions to file by a later date, but none beyond 90 days, or Aug. 13.

Political MoneyLine is providing a House 
list of filers along with links to the actual reports.
  As more reports are filed the list will be automatically updated.

Personal financial disclosure reports from senators were released in May. Here is a Senate 
list of filers along with links to the actual reports

For earlier wealth reports, you may find them on each of Political MoneyLine’s member profiles