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Senatorial Campaign Committees Pay Down Debts

The campaign committee of Senate Democrats raised more than the Republicans in May, but both committees were able to make $1 million-plus repayments on outstanding bank loans from last year’s election.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee reported it raised $4.9 million and spent $4 million in May, leaving $9.6 million cash on hand, and $12.5 million in debts. The committee received $3.9 million from individuals, $409,510 from PACs and other committees, and $511,400 from other party committees. The committee made a $1.25 million repayment on an outstanding loan with Bank of America. The committee also a $34,200 payment to Soneet Kapila, Chapter 7 trustee in Miami, and a $5,000 payment to Douglas Kelley, receiver, in Minneapolis.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee reported raising $3.6 million and spending $3.7 million during May, leaving $7 million cash on hand, and $8 million ind debts. The committee received $2.7 million from individuals, $479,700 from PACS and other committees and transferred in $500,927 from other party committees. The committee spent $1.7 million on operating expenses; transferred $400,000 to the Republican Party of Massachusetts; and repaid $1.5 million of an outstanding bank loan with Wells Fargo Bank.

Selected major donors include C. Boyden Gray (founder, Boyden Gray & Associates, D.C.) $32,400; Nicholas Calio (CEO, Airlines for America, D.C.) $16,200; Mr. Urs Hoelzle (senior vice president, Google Inc, Calif.) $32,300; David Koch (executive VP, Koch Industries Inc., Kan.) $32,400; Christopher Kojima (managing director, Goldman Sachs, N.Y.) $32,400; J. Christopher Reyes (co-chairman, Reyes Holdings, Ill.) and M. Jude $64,800; and Bernard Marcus (founder, Home Depot, Ga.) $20,000; among others.

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