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Silicon Valley CEOs Network to Raise $1 Million for Challenger

In an unprecedented early fundraising and networking effort, Silicon Valley investors and entrepreneurs have provided $1 million to the first serious primary challenger to incumbent Rep. Michael M. Honda, D-Calif. in the 17th District.

Rohit “Ro” Khanna
 reported his Ro For Congress committee raised $1,035,152 and spent $308,935 from April 1 to June 30, leaving $1,744,761 cash on hand, with $100,687 in debts.

Individual contributions included $959,602 from California; $15,600 from Utah; $12,400 from Virginia; $11,650 from Massachusetts; among others.

Selected donors included: Marissa Mayer (CEO, Yahoo Inc.) $2,600; Gokul Rajaram (product director, Facebook Inc.) $5,200; Dan Rose (VP, Facebook Inc.) $5,200; Sheryl Sandberg (COO, Facebook Inc.) $2,600; Mohit Arora (CEO, Axiom Consulting Group) $5,200; Gurbaksh Chahal (CEO, RadiumOne Inc.) $5,200; Kuljeet Chahal (VP, Fisher Investments Group) $5,200; Rohini Chakravarthy (venture investor, New Enterprise Associates) $5,200; Amar Chokhawala (co-founder, Reflektion Inc.) $5,200; Matthew Cohler (venture capital, Benchmark) $5,200; Judith Estrin (CEO, JLabs LLC) $5,200; Rajesh Puri (CEO, Yaana Technologies) $5,200; Michael McCue (CEO, Flipboard) $5,200; Jeffrey Housenbold (CEO, Shutterfly Inc) and Ruth Housenbold $5,200; Shawn Fanning (owner, Fervent) $5,200; Ronald Conway (investor, SV Angel LLC) and Gayle $10,400; Marc Benioff (CEO, $2,600; among many others.

Khanna paid $53,836 for salaries; $47,660 for campaign strategy/consulting services (270 Strategies LLC);  $35,540 for communications services (Veracity Media $25,340) ; $19,000 for polling (Link Strategies LLC); $13,848 for advertising (Facebook Communications $5,674 and Google Adwords $8,174); $6,367 for catering and facility rental at Park Tavern, San Francisco, CA.

The committee also owes $32,639 to 270 Strategies LLC; $57,000 to David Bender Research; $9,781 to Link Strategies LLC; and $1,267 to AKPD Message & Media LLC.