Congressman’s Parents Give $75K

Posted July 12, 2013 at 10:17am

Stephen and Susan Polis Schutz of SPS Studios Inc. in La Jolla, Calif., are the parents of Rep. Jared Polis, D-Colo., and of course they want to help him in any way they can. In a mid-year report filed yesterday, each is shown as giving $37,600 on Feb. 4 to the Jared Polis Majority Fund 2012. They were the only contributors in the first six months of this year. Although the name seems to relate to the 2012 elections, the committee continues on.

As a result, Stephen and Susan Polis Schutz can feel they helped their son by giving $75,200 to Rep. Polis’s committee. Rep. Polis gets to keep the $10,000 in contributions. And Rep. Polis is credited with raising $63,500 for the DCCC.

Polis is the chairman of the Red to Blue program of the DCCC, helping to recruit and raise funds for Democratic candidates in competitive districts. It is unclear whether Rep. Polis expects other members to solicit their own families.

Stephen and Susan Polis Schutz operate SPS Studios, which creates and sells greeting cards under the brand name Blue Mountain Arts. Earlier they had founded and sold it in 1999 for $780 million.