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US Keeps An Eye on Growing Chinese Navy

The Wall Street Journal profiles Chinese navy chief Adm. Wu Shengli, who “has become China’s point man for cinching closer U.S. military ties.”  

US Chief of Naval Operations “Adm. Greenert and other senior U.S. Navy officials also advocate closer engagement to encourage China to embrace international norms. Some in the Pentagon and Congress, however, worry Adm. Wu’s real mission is absorbing American know-how to advance territorial gains and boost China’s ability to thwart U.S. intervention.”  

“Those in favor of closer engagement say the U.S. has an opportunity to help shape the evolution of China’s navy… There also have been setbacks with China. U.S. forces detected a Chinese spy ship monitoring the Hawaii-area naval drills from international waters. And in August, the Pentagon said Chinese fighters flew dangerously close to U.S. surveillance aircraft over the South China Sea. China said its pilots flew safely.”

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