USDA to Incentivize Carbon Reduction in Agriculture

Posted April 24, 2015 at 5:00am

“The Agriculture Department unveiled a host of voluntary programs and initiatives Thursday to encourage agricultural producers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase carbon storage and generate clean and renewable energy in their operations,” according to The Des Moines Register .  

“The initiatives, which are carried out under the 2014 farm bill and don’t require congressional approval… The USDA plan seeks to improve soil resilience and increase productivity by promoting conservation tillage and no-till systems, among other practices. A greater focus also would be placed on more timely and efficient use of fertilizers to reduce emissions and help producers save money.”  

“In addition, it would back a number of practices to reduce methane emissions from cattle, dairy and swine. Producers and landowners would receive financial incentives including grants and low-interest loans to help.”