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AOC chimes in on Florida debate from other end of the East Coast

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spent her evening in New York City exchanging pleasantries with Stephen Colbert while some of her congressional colleagues spent theirs down in Miami, well, not exchanging pleasantries.

Ten Democratic candidates for president fought for airtime Wednesday to prove they deserve the desk in the Oval Office, and also that they could speak Spanish.

The representative from BX (that’s short for “the Bronx,” for all you non-cool people), who is Latina, called the Spanglish “humorous” and said it was a “good gesture” in representing a diversified America. She also noted that it seemed like some of the candidates mayyyybe didn’t do all their “homework” ahead of some questions asked by the moderators.

“It can sometimes feel like a high school classroom, and there are some folks who seemed like they didn’t read the book and then they get called on,” she told the “Late Show” host as the audience broke out in laughter.

AOC didn’t specify which candidate she was referring to and didn’t drop any hints as to who she would be endorsing, but she did give props to Elizabeth Warren and Julián Castro for their performances, while mentioning she wishes there was more discussion of climate change.

As for the underdogs of the night (namely Tim Ryan and John Delaney), she was careful with her words in hesitantly answering, “I think that … a lot of … you know, sometimes you’re an underdog until you’re not.” She added, “I think this was a breakaway night.”

The second episode of “America’s Next Top President” airs Thursday night. 

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